How to Disable Reddit’s “Open in App” Pop-Up

How to Disable Reddit’s “Open in App” Pop-Up

reddit stop open in app popup

Reddit has a perfectly fine mobile website, but the social network seems to really want people to use the mobile app for Android or iPhone instead. The constant pop-up messages asking you to open posts in the app instead of the site can get annoying. Thankfully, you can turn them off.

The frustrating thing about these pop-up messages is you may not even have the Reddit app installed on your phone. Still, the site will beg you to use the mobile app over and over. Turning them off is as simple as unchecking a box.

First, go to Reddit’s website in a web browser on your smartphone or tablet.

go to reddit in the browser

You’ll probably see the infamous pop-up right away. Tap “Continue” to dismiss it for the last time.

click continue to remove pop up

Next, tap the hamburger menu icon in the top-right corner of the page.

tap the menu icon

Tap the down arrow next to “Settings” to expand the section.

tap the down arrow to expand settings

Simply uncheck the box for “Ask to Open in App.”

uncheck Ask to open in app

That’s it! As soon as you uncheck the box, the menu will close and a message will say “Updated Preference.”

update preference message

This preference is tied to the browser you’re using, not an account. As long as you don’t clear browser cookies, the mobile Reddit website will remember your preference. But if you switch browsers, the “Ask to Open in App” setting will have to be disabled again.

It would be nice if the pop-up message itself respected your choice to use Reddit in the browser, but at least the social media company has this option. Now you can browse Reddit with slightly fewer annoyances.

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